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"In all we do our creed is thinking differently. This is why we develop systems and applications with high technological impact, easy to use, where the customer's needs always play a central role."


Tielogic is an IT company whose mission is to create stat-of-the-art applications and development tools for automation, with a specific focus on machine vision.

Established in 2010, Tielogic has achieved a significant experience in many fields of factory automation where imaging technologies are used: quality inspection, 2D measurement, 3D measurement and reconstruction, robotics, lasers and motion.

Besides a variety of succesfully developed tailor-made solutions, Tielogic has created its proprietary programming environment, which is now the basis for developing almost any possible automation application involving image processing.

Among the many fields of activity of Tielogic, metrology has gained primary importance: thanks to a vaste experience in this field, Tielogic has created its leading-edge metrology application for Measurement «Horus».

Besides offering standarized product packages, Tielogic maintains the freshness and flexibility of a young company, driven by innovation and ready to follow and support customers in developing with them even the most demanding applications.

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